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Noiseless is an award-winning digital design studio. Based in Hong Kong, we are a diverse group of curious, creative minds. Our entrepreneurial team are brand, creative and experience experts. At our core we seamlessly combine our expertise toempower businesses to make a positive impact through design.

In 2011, Noiseless was formed in a Beijing apartment. We soon expanded from 4 team members to 13, and found our home in Hong Kong. We began tackling small digital projects, and as our team grew, so did our ambition. Since then, we’ve won 17 international awards. Global Design Awards, Design for Asia Awards, IDA Design, Golden Pin, and Red Dot have recognised our work for its excellence.

As a multi-disciplinary studio we intertwine our purposeful approach with innovation to future-proof brands and create human-centric experiences that uplift and inspire. We tackle each brief with curiosity and question the status-quo to produce meaningful work that cuts through the noise. We believe good design should be noiseless.

We are a diverse, fearless, and adaptive team of problem solvers. We celebrate facilitated learning, opportunities to grow, and space to be heard. Workplace vulnerability combined with the freedom to fail creates an unprecedented team of creatives.

Get in touch if you’d like to collaborate, have an interesting brief, or would just like a chat. If you’d like to be part of our team, we’re always looking for aspiring Designers, Project Managers, and creative souls. Send your best work to