Our philosophy
Imagine a drill that inches forward with every twist and turn...
01 We get curious and ask questions to build meaningful brands.
02 We raise our words, not our voices.
03 It’s not noisy — it's meaningful.

Noiseless is an award-winning multi-disciplinary design studio. Established in 2011, we have a strong digital focus and have claimed awards in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Germany.

Our solid graphic design foundation is intertwined with innovation, future-ready tech, new media, tactile print design, and experience design. We foster emotional, intuitive design thinking to create impactful solutions.

Less is more. Careful planning. No noise. Celebrated craftsmanship.

What We Do
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This brilliant red, Vermillion, was used in Ancient Rome art and decoration, Middle Ages manuscripts, Renaissance paintings, Indian interiors, and Chinese lacquerware.

For centuries, it was the brightest red pigment produced. Almost as expensive as gold leaf, it was used frugally to decorate manuscripts.

We chose this colour to represent our brand as a constant reminder that only designs with exceptional clarity can produce life-changing, impactful experiences.