CLIENT Science Park
YEAR 2018
TEAM Christopher Lee, Chan Fly,
Motion Graphics Yu Ng, Calvin Ho
The Data Studio, located in HKSTP, is a new data-driven innovation centre with a mission to encourage and stimulate smart city solution development. This generates socio-economic values from open data to big data.

We were invited to join the curation of an exhibition on Open Data.
The Cubic Wall presents real-time date by projection mapping, bringing advanced insights to our audiences. This attraction has been admired by government officials and the general public.
In “presentation mode” data cubes transform into an irregular video screen. It gives visitors the wow factor whilst introducing Open Data.
The Interactive Wall is another projection mapping exhibit. It allows visitors to select contents with an invisible touch bar. We created a series of info-motion graphics, which help explain the concepts of real-world cases. We created virtual square grids which interact and fuse with the cubic wall panels.
The Interactive Table was designed for programmers and data providers to browse through data libraries. We designed the tables user interface to present dull data in an engaging way. It also encourages visitors to discover data correlations and the unification of datasets.