CLIENT Chow Tai Fook Experience
YEAR 2018
TEAM Christopher Lee, Esther Mok, Nathan Leung
"Kling Kling" is a fashion jewellery collection that features charming mix-and-match accessories.

Kling Kling is the onomatopoeia of clashing ice cubes. It represents magical moments of people getting together, the delicious savour of a cocktail, and the delightful uniqueness of your own mix-and-match “Kling Kling” jewellery.
The logotype is minimalistic and stylish. The serif logotype was created by exaggerating the stroke contours. This creates a fashionable, elegant, feminine style. Special details enrich the logo with on-brand messaging.
The packaging is presented in jewellery box drawers which is inspired by the way jewellery stores present high-end items to clients.

A partition features cocktail inspired gradients, further emphasising the collection concept.
A modular system and drawer structure was used to accommodate the vast selection of accessories displayed in-store.
A variety of on-brand displays were created. We developed numerous creative ways of displaying items, including earrings in cocktail glasses.