ND Friday Project / 2020.07.31
Objective: Adjectives
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ND Friday Project / 2020.07.31
Objective: Adjectives
Since March, we’ve been posting weekly entries of our Objective: Adjective challenge. One adjective. One noun. Interpret as you wish, and combine into a media of your choice.

Designed as an informal team-building experience, and a chance to get the whole studio involved in a creative game, “Objective: Adjectives” was born!

Oh, and of course we hope this won’t cause any extra stress or burden on top of our heavy client load.

Almost no rules or limitations. The brief: use your creativity to make something simple. Lighthearted competition entries only. No room for serious folks. The weirder the better.

A few weeks after we launched this project, we were impressed and surprised that our teammates created interesting and unexpected masterpieces.
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