ND Friday Project / Sharing / 2020.05.15
ND Friday Project
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ND Friday Project / Sharing / 2020.05.15
ND Friday Project
This year we started a new practice in Noiseless. Every Friday, we reserve some time to do Noiseless self-initiated projects only.

To start with, everyone took pen to paper and mind mapped project ideas to pitch to the team. We all pitched 5 ideas, totalling over 50 project suggestions. After in-depth discussions, we created four main project categories: Learning, Ideas, Unplug and Product.

We like to take a little break from client projects, to spark creativity. So this initiative jam packs our Fridays with mini-projects and meaningful tutorials. We love learning.
For “Learning”, our 3D Master Tulio gives us very detailed and practical Cinema 4D workshops every Friday.
For “Ideas", we use platforms like Behance, our website, social media channels, and our showreel & space team. All these help to promote our company mission and values.
For “Unplug”, we have the gardening and outing team. We have an amazing aquarium that’s lovingly looked after by our gardener. And, we’ve had over 30 new fish babies this year!

For “Product”, we created three WhatsApp Stickers sets and two custom Noiseless fonts. Follow our next posts, where we’ll break down these projects in more detail.

If you have any interesting ideas that you would like us to work on, feel free to share them with us. We’re always up for a friendly creative challenge.
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